Our name

"Ecorations" was inspired by the combination of two words "ecology" and "decoration". Ecorations is a way to preserve and care for the environment with art and style. By using recycled materials and original designs we offer you a hand-made piece of art to decorate your space, your house, your event.

What we offer

We offer Eco-art classes and workshops for children and adults: Our Eco-Art programs introduce you the 3R's of the environment: REDUCE, REUSE, and RECYCLE. Whether it be using recycled materials such as newspaper or reusing items that have lost their original beauty and charm, our classes allow you to express your feelings and emotions while creating a unique piece or art that will also be enviromental friendly.

Eco-art products: If you want to decorate your room, your home, your office, we have that unique piece or art that will be original and 100% "green". Visit our Gallery for a sample or our "ecorations" available for sale. We can help you make your "green" ideas become a reality through our customized ecorations solutions.


Ask about our recycling program.