Cold Porcelain

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Cold porcelain is a clay-like material made of cornstarch, glue and other natural ingredients. It is not real porcelain; however, it got its name because the finished product looks like porcelain. It is a type of air-dry clay that does not require firing or heating of any kind.

This product is ideal for children and adult of all levels.

It is perfect to create figures, sculptures, and flowers, among others. Its original color is translucent and you can add color using food coloring. The clay can be colored before modeling or you can paint the finished pieces once they are dried, depending on the effect desired. It takes at least 24 hours to dry depending on the size of the project. The size also gets reduced (about 20-30%) when the project is dry. Depending on the country of origin, it has different names such as biscuit, flexible mass, and porcelaine froide.